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Transportable homes are built in a factory or controlled environment unlike the standard homes that are built on your site.

They can be built with several different types of materials, such as, wood, steel, vinyl, weatherboard, or gyprock. Materials used in a traditionally built home are often damaged during the moving process. There are many advantages to purchasing a transportable home. The main benefit is the cost. They are very affordable and a lot more luxurious then one may imagine. Over the past decade, the manufacturers of these homes have advanced their complexity and architectural designs, allowing you to add more personal and luxurious features to your home.

Aside from the cost, many people choose these homes over traditionally built homes, because of the time issue.

Transportable and Relocatable homes are built, in less than half of the time, it takes to build on site. Mainly, because they are built in a factory or controlled environment, and the weather is not a problem, unlike traditionally built homes. When having a home built on site, the weather can become a very time consuming issue.

These days everyone needs to do what they can to help the environment.

Purchasing a transportable home, would be a good way to do just that. Since, they are built in a controlled environment, and are built to exact precision, the wasted materials, are cut to a minimum, unlike traditionally built homes. Plus the materials that are wasted are recycled, and reused.

Energy efficiency is also another factor that people look at when purchasing a home. 

Modern transportable and relocatable homes come in all shapes and sizes, and are built to suit everyone’s lifestyle.

These homes are very common in the regional and rural areas of Australia. Mainly, because it is easier, and more affordable to build a transportable and relocatable home in these areas, then it is a site built home. .


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